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Who is Robert Hirsch?

December 02, 2019
Robert Hirsch has been a serial entrepreneur since high school. When Robert was a sophomore in high school he partnered up with a friend and launched his first little bead retail outlet. Two years later, once he graduated high school, and following many hard-won small business lessons, Robert Hirsch from Freedom Factoryhe had three venues and six successful weekend bead stores.
Robert Hirsch’s business adventures have included riding the very first wave of the dot-com boom as a venture-backed CEO, a stint as director of online marketing for Siemens AG, combining the adventure travel industry as founder of Adventure Central, and, most recently running a private equity fund with a portfolio of seven companies dedicated to direct response marketing and technology.

Robert Hirsch's new venture is Freedom Factory using his many years of experience (and proprietary business frameworks) to guide and help Entrepreneurs who are looking to SELL their businesses.

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"The skills to that get you from $0 dollars to $5 million are very different from the skills that will get you from $5 million to $50 million." - Robert Hirsch